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Haven't You Heard?

I wanna feel
But I just don't have no feelings
Got a conscience I've been stealing from your books

I wanna live
But I just can't live without him
And the careful way he's frowning when he sings

Whoever made you aware?
Starting to look like we care
Honey what are we gonna wear?

Counting the ways
That the food can give you cancer
Learning to pray
Said the silence is an answer

Burning our flags again cause I got no right to be proud
Thought I was right but now I'm starting to think I'm just loud
If I agree then can I still wear your shirts when I'm out?

You wanna go
But you just can't shake that feeling
That the good Lord he is breathing down your neck

So use your hands
And your body like a mother
Don't need no one else to love her
When you do

Maybe our parents will know
Starting to look like a home
If it is, then you're still alone

Haven't you heard
That the ice age is still coming?
Haven't you learned
What you want is always changing?

Quitting our jobs again cause baby you said this ain't it
Now that the money's gone, who's gonna pay for this shit?
How many cigarettes before I believe that I'm sick?

If I did what I know I should
You'd find a way to stall
If I need bad to feel the good
I'll feel nothing at all
You know that I'll still call

Evil Things

I don't want to hurt you
That is just the kind of thing I do
Swore you'd run but I'm sorry, son, you're not born to

Your worst songs, they won't shake
Did you ever figure out the name
Of the town that we were gonna move to?

And so the story goes
The houses and the planets we are owed
I'm taking it but somebody should know

Did you even notice
The moment that the drugs stopped being fun
And your friends got older than you? (too soon)

Did you even feel bad
When you realized you weren't a mom?
Well maybe I don't wanna be a son (to you)

And after all you said
The looks that posed as feelings in your head
Your pretty face will get you everywhere

Cause it's blue
And it's gonna be red soon
You got me used
To those evil things you do

I wanna be just like you are
If you could stop then I could start

And it'll be okay
Cause next year you'll be in L.A.
And trouble never follows you that far
Until you work a day
You're sleeping like you've always been awake
You're running out of places you can leave

But it's rude
To complain about your moods
You know I knew
All those evil things were true

I wanna be right where you are
The good things only get so far


This long till you let me in
Crawl slow like a gentleman
Too close, man, you found me out
Claws say what the wolf's about

God damn
How am I
So big when I try to hide?
Where'd you get all those eyes?

Faith and devotion, where'd you go?
I'm getting old
Faking the motions
Singing you word for word
Just like I heard

Oh my face
I would tear it up just to get my way
Heaven can't wait

Back up and we'll start again
I want love but I'll take a friend
I wish you were more like me
Keep close to your enemies

Oh hell
Heaven sent
I just said what my body meant
We'll be
Lovelier when we're dead

Who are these voices working for?
I'm counting more
How can they speak so honestly
When I'm so weak?

Hold me down
Give me just a glass and you know I'll drown
Dad would be proud

Cars and Hotel Rooms

Awake at seven, you know all the spots
To step so you don't wake your family up
Nobody's asking but you'd never say
How hard you're working to be just okay

Or did you forget?
It's not like you remember the things you said
But you never learn
Just watch until it's over, now it's your turn

When did your hope become a memory?
I helped you notice but it wasn't me
You said there's nothing else that you can do
You're fooling someone but it isn't you

To collect your thoughts
You never go inside till the pills wear off
In the undertow
It's taken better people but not so slow

Did you forget how sad you are
When you go back home?
Leaving the condoms in the car
To prove you're still alone

And when it ended you were miles away
She didn't even want to see your face
Twenty minutes since the house was bought
You cried for hours, you never thought

Would be all you got
For giving up for others the things you want
Did you tell them first
That nothing's getting better till it gets worse?

Oh, did you ever guess my name?
Or did I tell you?
How many sins could we erase
In cars and hotel rooms?

Paul Newman

Maybe I could be like Paul Newman
If I'm strong enough
All those crazy handfuls you're choosin'
I know what they're of

But I'm just too wasted
In the afternoons
To compete with Cary
And Brando

Every night I prayed that I wouldn't
(Well you know I would)
Never felt your eyes tear through my skin
(But I know they could)

Making love's so easy
When I'm on my own
And if my God needs me...
Well he won't

Please tell us nothing's wrong
Take me in
I've lasted you this long

Over and over
Like a figure eight
If you're still sober
Then I'll wait

And if I'm a body
Then are you a soul?
Cause I work alone
And lately

Makes eyelids look like sins
Take me up
If you're evil, well, I'm in

Oh, I'm your lady
And you're my man
If I get lazy
Erase me

Till it's all you
Till it's all you
Till it's all you
Till it's all you

Already Gone

Separated by a thought that you had that day
You touch across a table
The loneliest place
Somewhere in that space

All the people who still drink to get happy
I drink until I'm sad
It's already gone
Just chase it along

If the words were important, then why did you hum?
Did you forget them?
When did watching your movies stop being just fun?
We've got to read them

Operations that you felt but you never stopped
You knew the worth in hurting
If God would allow
You'd still suffer now

Well the Church, they know what they are talking about
They just don't trust you
If you felt like a child the way you were taught
Look what you're learning

Prepare To Meet Thy God

Too much
Cause my fingers can't touch
Of the myths you're made of

And you say that you are changing but you don't
In our pictures I'm still standing all alone
And I say that I will leave you but I won't

I don't really love
The little things that make you up
Weren't you ever taught
To be prepared to meet thy God?

One day
That the camera will save
Your face
Cause it's going away

Any indication that you're wrong
It's the kind of thing you're fighting all along
I would love to count our blessings but they're gone

It's the kind of place
Where you will always get your way
If you're ever caught
Hope you're prepared to meet thy God

Stuck like a child in your ways
I don't believe a word you pray
If I could love you, well, I would
But I can't make these bad dreams good

You knew
What I wanted to do
With you
Till he comes for me too

Paul's Not Dead

One minute
Made you a prophet, did it?
You looked for what you read

They're listening
Gas in the water system
Must be the government

You're so down
If I'm not too then would you stick around?
Call that proof?
I bet you'd think that you're made of smoke too

I'd give ten years just to live for one more
You'd rather spend it dying
I wonder if we had problems before
This shrink made us stop lying

Chemical hail
They're leaving trails
Who told you?
Boy they've got you pale

You'll trust your head
But Paul's not dead
For now, so
Won't you leave your bed?

Oh, I rate
A little closer to you every day
Stoned, you're safe
You swear your thoughts are better when you pay

You gotta be
More scared than free
Don't you know
Not to be of me?

The Beatles lied
But I'm alive
I promise
Won't you come outside?

Live quickly
Climbing like planes could hit me
I never left your feet


Clothes off, I've been tracing
Your constellations
Can't tell which one you're from
But I could think of some
You point just like a gun

And you said if you could have known
Your last stare would have missed
If I don't want you to be alone
Then somebody else did

Believe me, I never touched them
I wanted
My pictures just like they were when
You took them
You won't see the quicksand until it's closing round your ankles
And I'm wondering if you'll still be thankful

Failed applications
You had to act mad
A Minnesota dream
Was all you ever had

Meet in elevators
And what did you find?
You want a stranger's kiss
Well that's the only kind
I'm certain it was mine

Even if I knew where you led
I never would have stopped
Like the man in the spacesuit said
You're moving when you're not

I saw your parents
They couldn't explain
The kind of help you need
They change the sheets
I swear your room was the same
When you were seventeen

It's so hard to be the person
That they weren't
Our love was a dirty secret
A whimper
From outside we saw the planet
And all the stars around it
And we looked for Mars but we never found it


I never saw you sigh
How could a body lie?
Never fought anyone
I love you but you're no fun
How can I phase you?

Whispering you awake
(Kept you up late)
But that's all I have to say
Always know once you're done
The silence gets you first but the worst is the sun
Cracks you right open

Carried them two by two
Nine hundred streets to you
I can't hold your weight too
It's making my back sigh
But I don't mind

Gave you a proper life
(Took your advice)
Don't that make me your wife?
Somebody said it don't
I tried to make it last but you passed like a ghost
Give me one moment

I sent a child of mine
Out into war tonight
Hoping I got you right
I'm full of your thinking
And your Bud Lights

I'm already bored
(Were you always?)
How'd I get so bored?

New plan
Never misses
Old man
Give him my best wishes
Thought I knew a kid

Wrong guy
I won't mourn ya
Black eye
I coulda done that one for ya
Should've stuck around

I believed in what you took me for
But I don't believe in you no more

And it helps to sigh

Lose One

Endless face
Get out my way
Can't remember how I
Got you to stay

Sunday mornings
Always boring
When you lose one

Poor old mind
You never look for what I find
Did my math
So where's my path before I'm looking back?

If I don't wanna
No one else is gonna make me
If you're not gonna
Some one else is gonna break me

I never hurt you
I never hurt you
I put you right back where you came from
When I was done

You never hurt me
You never hurt me
Stole these eyes but I knew I'd still find
My way home blind